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Kitsap County Real Estate Trends for December 2012 & 18 Months Prior

{Note: In the event you got to this article from an older link, here is a link to the newest data for this category of monthly home sales in Kitsap County} Kitsap County experienced an increase in the number of … Continue reading

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Bainbridge Island Real Estate Trends for December 2012 with 18 months of Sales & Price Data

Bainbridge Island had a great month for home sales in December! There were 41 homes sold, a 46% improvement from November and nearly 116% above the sales for the same period one year ago! Bainbridge Island continues to lead other … Continue reading

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Poulsbo Real Estate Trends, Prices & Sales for December 2012

Poulsbo experienced a strong, and unexpected upswing in home sales during the month of December 2012! The number of homes sold increased by nearly 14% from the previous month and 32% above the sales for the same month one year … Continue reading

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Kingston, Port Gamble & Hansville Real Estate Trends, Sales, & Price Data for December 2012

There were 7 home sales in Kingston, Port Gamble and Hansville for the month of December 2012.  This is consistent with the typical seasonal sales we have seen in the past and will likely continue into mid-February. The average selling … Continue reading

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December 2012 Home Sales, Prices & Trends for Indianola & Suquamish

The slower Winter Real Estate season continues in these areas as the number of homes sold dropped from 6 to 5 in the areas of Indianola & Suquamish. Yet, there was  a significant increase in the average selling price compared … Continue reading

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