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Question 1: We previewed a 3 Bedroom home at an Open House, but the Broker’s Flyer states it’s a 2 Bedroom home?

Answer 1: Great question! The home is serviced by an On-Site Septic System and not on Public Sewer.  Therefore, the owner and Brokers are limited to representing the Bedrooms, based on what the capacity is for the Drain Field Design.  The Rule of Thumb is that for each Bedroom, there has to be 50’ of lineal drain field.  The Broker who is representing you, can get a copy of the Septic Design from the County Health Department, and can discuss the pros and cons about it.  More often than not, I will see homes that have a 2 or 3 bedroom septic design, have 3 or 4 rooms that could be used as bedrooms, but 1 room, will not have a ‘closet’ installed in it.  If it doesn’t have a closet it’s not counted as a bedroom. 

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