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Woods & Meadows is a lovely community located in a suburb just North of Poulsbo, and is close to Hwy 3.  Commuting times are short being only 10 minutes to Poulsbo and about 15 minutes to Naval Base Kitsap at Bangor.  Silverdale, which is the location for the Kitsap Mall, is just an additional 5 minutes from there.

The 141 homes in Woods & Meadows are situated on an average of nearly 1/2 acre lots, which are all nicely landscaped and maintained.  An attractive aspect to this neighborhood community is the spacious sophisticated rural feeling throughout the community.  This is due to brilliant planning and the fact that there are over 151 total Acres of which 60 Acres are common areas including parks, trails, wildlife corridors and nice wide streets with landscaped and forested islands.

Here are all the currently Active, Pending & Homes Sold in the
Woods & Meadows Neighborhood within the last 6months:


Here are some recent photos of the community:

by: Brian Wilson © 2011


The Woods and Meadows Subdivision was created from Land that was originally purchased by Frank & Cheryl Leach who, after securing the property under Conlee, LLC did a joint venture with Herb Chaffey as Madison Park Partnership.

Chaffee Homes (Chaffee Corporation) previously based in Silverdale, WA, built most of the spec homes in the community and the first home was built here in 1993, while the last was built in 2004, however; most were built around 1999 (that’s the median and average year built). 

Over 90% of the homes were built by the Chaffey Corporation, but over the years they did sell about a dozen lots to 7 other high quality builders most of whom built quality personal homes here which maintained the continuity of quality design & construction in the community.

Over 90% of the homes in Woods & Meadows are 2-story, and here’s some additional data about the homes in Woods & Meadows and their values*

Our Listing in this wonderful neighborhood

Street view of 23790 Brixton Place NW, Poulsbo, WA 98370

Street view of 23790 Brixton Place NW, Poulsbo, WA 98370. 2703 Sq.Ft., 3bdrm/2.5bath, 1/2+ Acre.

This home description is similar to many homes in this wonderful community:

Woods & Meadows offers the best of suburban Poulsbo and North Kitsap schools. Only five minutes from Central Market, this large and lovingly cared-for Chaffey home is quietly situated on a .57-acre cul-de-sac lot. The double-door entry, illuminated by one of three skylights, leads on oak floors to an open, circular floor plan made for entertaining. The large kitchen, with two pantries and views to the park-like gardens, has new quartz countertops, porcelain splashes and a deep, single-basin sink. The adjoining family room is warmed by a gas fireplace, while the front parlor has a cathedral ceiling and the formal dining room boasts wainscoting and crown molding. Upstairs, double doors open to a large, back-facing master with a 5-piece sky-lit en suite with large walk-in closet. Plus, check out the additional side dressing room and closet behind another set of double doors. There are two more bedrooms, a full 4-piece bath and a 200 sq-ft bonus room. In the back, a 550-sq-ft Trex deck welcomes you to a dream garden set against a cathedral of evergreens. The green belt  frames the stunning landscaping and adjoins an additional half-acre lot protected from development, providing additional privacy.  Here’s a link to a phototour and complete interactive floor-plan with dimensions

Here are details about the average home in Woods & Meadows

Home Size (Sq. Ft.)  
Living Area (Avg.) 2902 Sq. Ft.
Living Area (Median) 2818 Sq. Ft.
Gross Area (Avg.) 3647 Sq. Ft.
Gross Area (Median) 3526 Sq. Ft.
Home Values
2016 Tax Assessed Valuations &
AVM as of (5-4-2017)
Tax Assessed Value (Avg.) $399,666
Tax Assessed Value (Median) $396,695
Auto Valuation Model (Avg.) $501,353
Auto Valuation Model (Median) $505,149

The tax assessed valuations are increasing but not keeping pace with the rapid market value increases. Upon reviewing the Asking and Sold home prices in the Woods & Meadows community, the actual price gains in the market have been tracking well above the valuation increases from the tax assessor. Currently as an estimate, it appears the average selling price is more than 30% above the average 2016 Tax Assessed Value and they are also selling for above the estimated Auto Valuation Model.

Homes in Woods & Meadows are in high demand and there are not enough available for the buyers who would like to live in this community.  If you want to be a successful buyer in this neighborhood, you’ll most likely need to come in with your best foot forward and make your offer as strong and tight (minimal contingencies and shortened timelines) as possible. You also may need to be prepared to compete with multiple offers, but this varies from time-to-time and is property dependent.

It’s important to note that while both the Tax Assessed Valuations and the Auto Valuation Models can be instructive about home values, these numbers may not be keeping pace in real time with what is actually occurring in the market at any given time. The AVM, values are calculated more recently than the Tax Assessed Values, but they are based largely upon a statistical sample and do not reflect special individual home features, upgrades or undocumented unique characteristics. The true market value is dependent primarily upon the recent most comparable sales, and then appropriate adjustments made. The best way to obtain the current value of your home without paying for a full appraisal is to contact your Real Estate Broker and ask for a current CMA.  If you don’t have a Broker you prefer, or one are currently working with, my partner Jana Salmans or myself would be very happy to assist you. Just give us a call or e-mail us, our contact information can be found at the top main menu and we will be happy to assist you.

In the table below you’ll find data about the Homes that were Sold in the Poulsbo Neighborhood of Woods & Meadows year to date through 5-4-2017.

Date of Sale Address Sq.Ft./Bdrm/Bath Style Sold Price
3/20/2017 23825 Moorgate Pl NW 2562/4/2.5  2-Sty $485,000
Active 1238 NW Arcadia
3325/4/2.5   2-Sty $584,900
(List Price)
Pending Inspection 1648 NW Nassau Ct
3294/4/2.5  2-Sty $535,000
(List Price)
Pending 23580 Brixton Pl
2580/4/2.5  2-Sty $490,000
(List Price)

So far in 2017, there has only been one closed sale in Woods & Meadows.  There are, however; 2 Pending Sales and One Active available listing.  For these properties that have not closed, the list price, is all that is currently available.  The prices will be updated after they close.  Time on market before an offer has been received is averaging about 17 days on market and the one Sold listing closed for $10,000 above the asking price.

In the table below you’ll find data about the Homes that were Sold in the Poulsbo Neighborhood of Woods & Meadows in 2016.

Date of Sale Address Sq.Ft./Bdrm/Bath Style Sold Price
1/28/16 23557 Monument Pl NW  2874/3/2.5  2-Sty $475,000
3/8/16 1647 NW Nassau Ct
3403/4/2.75   2-Sty $519,000
3/16/16 1237 NW Arcadia St
3508/4/2.5  2-Sty $530,000
6/1/16 23820 Moorgate Pl NW*
1738/3/2 tri-lvl $410,000*
6/30/16 1624 NW Nassau Ct
2311/4/2.5  2-Sty $430,000
8/30/16 1630 NW Nassau Ct
2595/4/2.5  2-Sty $455,000
10/7/16 23494 Warwick Pl NW
2824/4/2.5  2-Sty $479,000
12/6/16 23606 Dunbar Pl NW 3100/4/2.5 2-Sty $500,000
12/16/16 23794 Montecarlo Pl NW 2558/4/2.5 2-Sty $454,000
* indicates a Bank Owned foreclosure purchase

In 2016, the average selling price was $472,000, which is about 1% above the average asking price.  The average “days on market” before a sale was 27 but the median was 20.  These factors combine to indicate strong buyer demand for homes in Woods & Meadows.

In the table below you’ll find the Sold Homes in Woods & Meadows for 2015 from January 1 through July 19, 2015.

So far, this year, the average selling price compared with the initial asking price is about 1.86% lower.  Of the Sold homes, 4 Sold for a bit lower than the initial asking price, but 2 Sold for above the initial asking price and 1 sold for exactly the initial asking price.  Moving forward for the remainder of the year I expect prices to firm and there is likely to be less discounting simply due to low supply and strong demand.

Date of Sale Address Sq.Ft./Bdrm/Bath Style Sold Price
1/23/2015  1635 NW Nassau Ct  2818/3/2.5  2-Sty $445,000
2/13/2015  23488 Warwick Place
 2879/3/2.5   2-Sty  $392,000*
 4/30/2015  23794 Montecarlo Place
 2558/4/2.5  2-Sty  $400,000
 6/4/2015  1562 NW Archway Ct.
 3108/4/2.5  2-Sty  $455,000
 6/8/2015  23435 Guinness Place
 3132/4/2.75  2-Sty  $495,000
 6/23/2015  23486 Heathrow Place
 2628/4/2.5  2-Sty  $430,000
 6/29/2015  1232 NW Arcadia Ct.
 3266/3/2.5  2-Sty  $495,000

 * Bank Owned REO Sale

In 2014 there were 7 home sales in Woods & Meadows.  Prices were strong, with the Average Selling Price being 98% of the Original Asking Price and there were no distressed property sales (REO Bank Owned or Short Sales) during 2014!

Here’s a brief table showing the homes Sold in 2014:

Date of Sale Address Sq.Ft./Bdrm/Bath Style Sold Price
1/21/14 23662 Coburg Pl. NW 3009/4/2.5 2-Sty $439,000
4/10/14 23814 Moorgate Pl NW 2745/4/2.5 2-Sty $435,000
4/21/14 1636 NW Nassau Ct. 2370/4/2.5 2-Sty $355,500
6/26/14 23481 Warwick Pl NW 3336/4/2.5 2-Sty $459,000
7/3/14 23561 Brixton Pl NW 2501/4/2.5 2-Sty $390,000
7/25/14 23770 Montecarlo Pl. NW 2893/3/2.5 2-Sty $447,000
7/30/14 23668 Coburg Pl NW 2714/4/2.5 2-Sty $445,000

In 2013 there were 7 home sales in Woods & Meadows:

Date of Sale Address SqFt./Bdrm/Bath Style Price
01/17/2013 23501 Guiness Place NW 2751/4/2.5 2-sty $350,000
5/6/2013 23820 Moorgate Place NW 2342/4/2.5 tri-level $395,953
5/30/2013 23788 Montecarlo Pl. NW 3375/4/2.5 2-sty $470,000
6/24/2013 1642 Nassau Ct. NW 2947/4/2.5 2-sty/bsmt $380,000*
7/1/2013  23490 Guiness Pl. NW  3066/4/2.5  2-sty $444,000
8/26/2013 1612 Nassau Ct 2048/3/2 1-Sty $350,000
11/15/2013 23472 Guiness Pl. NW 3580/4/2.5 2-sty $460,000

* Needed significant maintenance & repairs to decks, floors etc.

In 2012 there were 7 home sales in Woods & Meadows:

Date of Sale Address SqFt./Bdrm/Bath Style Price
3/21/2012 23582 Monument Pl NW 3730/4/2.75 2-sty $478,500
5/8/2012 1647 NW Nassau Ct 3403/4/2.75 2-sty $435,000
5/21/2012 23481 Warwick Pl NW 3336/4/2.5 2-sty $426,000
7/10/2012 23775 Montecarlo Pl NW 3471/4/2.5 2-sty $460,000
8/16/2012  23489 Guinness NW  3099/4/2.5  1.5-sty $380,000§
11/1/2012 23771 Brixton Place 2703/4/2.5 2-Sty $342,000
11/25/2012 23606 Dunbar Place NW 3100/4/2.5 2-sty $415,000

§ This home was a “distressed property” as it was a Short Sale

In 2011 there were 6 homes sold in Woods & Meadows which is about half as many as were Sold in 2010.  The average sale price was $378,833, which is a decline of 14% from the average sale price in 2010.  The median sale price was $388,000, which is a decline of 13% from 2010.  The high was $405,000 & the low was $322,000.   Here is the list of homes sold:

Date of Sale Address SqFt./Bdrm/Bath Style Price
3/16/2011 1629 NW Nassau Ct. 2405/4/2.5 2-sty $389,000
6/16/2011 23476 Warwick Pl. NW 3230/4/2.5 2-sty $370,000 §
6/28/2011 1562 NW Archway Ct. 3108/4/2.25 2-sty $400,000
7/19/2011 23813 Moorgate Pl. NW 2753/4/2.5 2-sty $387,000
7/25/2011 23820 Moorgate Pl. NW 2968/4/3 2-sty $405,000
9/8/2011 1641 NW Nassau Ct. 2303/4/2.5 2-sty $322,000

§ This home was a “distressed property” as it was a Short Sale

In 2010 there were 13 homes sold in Woods & Meadows and the average sale price was $439,415.  The median sale price was $445,00, the high was $525,000 & the low was $348,000.  Here is the list of homes sold:

Date of Sale Address SqFt./Bdrm/Bath Style Price
1/25/2010 23667 Coburg Pl NW 3007/4/2.5 2-sty $445,000
3/3/2010 23582 Monument Pl NW 3730/4/2.75 2-sty $525,000
3/29/2010 23499 Warwick Pl. NW 3155/3/2.5 2-sty $487,000
5/21/2010 1556 Archway Ct. 2800/4/2.5 2-sty $485,000
7/13/2010 23764 Montecarlo Pl. NW 2608/4/3 2-sty $430,000
7/16/2010 23486 Heathrow Pl. NW 2626/4/2.5 2-sty $390,000
7/20/2010 23637 Coburg Pl NW 3340/4/2.5 2-sty $450,000
7/23/2010 23643 Coburg Pl. NW 3811/4/2.75   $505,000
8/5/2010 23453 Guinness Pl. NW 3286/4/2.5 2-sty $469,000
9/15/2010 23557 Monument Pl. NW 2874/3/2.5 2-sty $389,000
10/22/2010 1238 NW Arcadia Ct. 3325/4/2.5 2-sty $439,000*
11/10/2010 23573 Brixton Pl. NW 1988/3/2 1-sty $348,500
12/15/2010 23801 Moorgate Pl. NW 2562/4/2.5 2-sty $349,000

* This home was a “distressed property” as it was a bank owned foreclosure


Here’s a map of the Woods & Meadows community

View Woods & Meadows in a larger map


Jana Salmans, Managing Broker &
Brian Wilson, Broker
 19723 10th Ave NE; suite 200::Poulsbo, WA 98370




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