Real Estate Trends and Home Sales in Kitsap County November 2012

November 2012 Home Sales and Trends in Kitsap County

November 2012 Home Sales and Trends in Kitsap County

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The number of homes sold in Kitsap County followed a seasonal decline from October to November. The decline in home sales was expected as the busy holiday season began. However, the number of homes sold compared with the same month last year  increased by 19%! This is encouraging, and indicates that overall home sales are strong & continuing to improve year over year.

The  average selling price of homes sold in the month of November 2012 was $273,390, while it was $275,433 in November of the previous year.   The median price of homes sold during November 2011 was only $231,250, while it was $235,000 November of this year.    Even with all of the distressed and lower priced home sales, this shows some slight but meaningful price appreciation year over year in Kitsap County home prices.

There were 50 distressed property sales in November compared with 53 in October, so while this is a 6% decline in actual numbers, they represented about 22% of total sales for November compared with 19% in October.

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