Home Sales, Prices & Trends in Indianola and Suquamish for May and June 2012 & 18 Mo. of data

Graph of home Sales in Indianola & Suquamish Dec2010_through_Jun2012

Home Sales, Prices & Trends in Indianola & Suquamish December 2010 through June 2012

Compared with Poulsbo & Bainbridge Island, home sales in Suquamish & Indianola remain burdened with relatively high levels of distressed homes (Bank Owned REO’s & Short Sales) which have continued to cause radical gyrations in the average & median selling prices.  With relatively low numbers of monthly sales in these areas, if there are one or two high priced home sales, those will also dramatically skew the data, which we also see in June with a sale in Suquamish that was in excess of $1million.

In May, there were 14 homes Sold in the area, with 4 being distressed sales, equating to a relatively normal level of 29% of total sales being distressed.
 Here’s the specific data for May:

Avg for All= $313,229 $281,681 $265,321
Avg for Suquamish= $294,659 $259,053 $240,864
Avg for Indianola= $381,317 $364,650 $355,000
Median Selling Price for All=   $184,750
Median Selling Price For Suquamish= $160,000
Median Selling Price for Indianola= $355,000

 In June there were only 8 homes sold in the area and 50% were distressed sales!
Here’s the specific data for June:

Avg All=    $502,563 $490,475 $460,375
Avg Suquamish= $517,629 $503,414 $470,643
Avg Indianola= $397,100 $399,900 $388,500
Median All=     $374,250
Median Suquamish=   $413,500
Median Indianola=     $388,500

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