Washington State Real Estate Data

State-wide Data For 2010

Existing Home Sales in WA = 84,890 up 0.1% from 2009

Decline in Existing Home Sales(units) since peak in 2005 = 46.8%

Median Existing Home Sales Price = $250,400, Down 1.6% from 2009

Median Home Price Decline since 2007 Peak = 20.4%

Average Mortgage Rate in 4th Qtr 2010 = 4.62%

Months Supply of homes on market at end of 2010 = 7.6

Mortgages at some stage of foreclosure in late 2010 = 35,300 up from 24,900 in late 2009

All-Buyer housing affordability index in 4th Qtr of 2010 was at an ALL TIME High of 149.4.  The median income family has 49.4% more income then the minimum required to purchase a median priced home…State-wide

Washington home ownership rate in late 2010 = 64.7%, down from 69.2% at the peak in 2005

First-time homebuyers who cite tax advantages as a major reason for buying a home in 2009 = 51.8%, (may reflect govt tax credit)

Source: Washington Realtors®, www.warealtor.org

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